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"We keep moving forward, creating new and exciting designs, and doing new things, using new tools like CAD because our team is  curious and curiosity keeps leading us to new adventures."

Scott van Iperen

Brisbane - Queensland (QLD)

Brisbane is the home of our manufacturing division and administration office. We have a long established following of price savvy smart online customers. We are considered, the wholesale supplier of choice in the online jewellery space in Australia. If you are an online customer, please head over to Brisbane Diamond Company or Call one of great team on 1 800 423 786 Shop With Confidence, Shop at Wholesale Direct Prices

Sydney - New South Wales (NSW)

Welcome to our customers from New South Wales if you are looking to save a bundle and buy a diamond direct from the wholesaler, look no further Sydney Diamond Company is the place for our super savvy online shoppers, one of our fabulous team will help you choose the diamond of your dreams and one of our amazing jewellers will help you create the engagement ring of your choosing.

Melbourne - Victoria (VIC)

We love our Jewellery and Diamond customers from Victoria, and as Melbourne is the fashion headquarters of Australia. We have a long and trusted customer fan base from all over the State. Whether it's for the price savvy online shopper or that bespoke engagement ring or special hand made exquisite jewellery item,Melbourne Diamond Company is the place to start the process, contact one of our amazing jewellery designers now on 1800 423 786

Adelaide - South Australia (SA)

We have some incredible customers in Adelaide the young, and young at heart. Over many years working together with our South Australian clients we have come up with some truly outstanding design concepts in engagement rings, jewellery, pendants, and earrings. Adelaide Diamond Company is number 1 for price, Australia's leading wholesale direct suppliers in Adelaide Call 1800 423 786.

Perth - Western Australia (WA)

A big shout out to our beautiful customers on the West Coast, Perth is the home of our young and dynamic online clients. Many of our customers are from regional areas, our online tools and services are specially set up to for their individual style. Our team from Perth Diamond Company can assist you with the entire diamond buying process and engagement ring or jewellery design. Contact one of our team on 1 800 423 786 we are open late call any time.

Bespoke Artisan Jewellery Creations (AU)

If you would like to get in touch with our senior creative team, this is the place where we can make dreams come to life.


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